INSTANTS D'ÉTERNITÉ (2019-20) to Arielle - Editions Leduc
orchestra of 53 musicians - duration: 12’
commissioned by the Staatstheater Cottbus (Germany)
premiere : October 7th, 2022, Cottbus Opera
Philharmonisches Orchester, Johannes ZURL (conductor)
Programme note

ANNÉES-LUMIÈRE (1992-93) to Daniel BARENBOIM and Alain PROST - Editions Salabert
large orchestra - duration : 19'
saxS(Snino,Bar),5perc, 1pno(cel), strgs(
commissioned by French State for the Orchestre de Paris
premiere: September 29th, 1993, France, Paris, Salle Pleyel
Orchestre de Paris, Michel TABACHNIK (conductor)
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IRISATION-RITUEL (1980) to Arielle - Editions Salabert
solo soprano, flute, narrator (ad lib.) and orchestra- duration : 29'
poem of Allain Gaussin excerpt from L'attente…L'absolu, éditions d'écarts, Paris 2004
3(3pic).3(Engl.horn).3(clB).3(Dbs)-,4 perc, 1pno, strgs(
commissioned by the French State for the Metz Festival
premiere: November 1980, France, Metz, Festival of Metz
Orchestre Philharmonique de Lorraine, Peter EÖTVÖS (conductor)
Yumi NARA (soprano), Pierre-Yves ARTAUD (flute)
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ÉCLIPSE (1979) à Olivier MESSIAEN - Editions Ricordi (Paris)
2 pianos and 16 or 22 instruments - duration : 19'
1(pic).1(Engl. horn).2(Bcl).1-, 2perc, hp, strs( or crd(
commissioned by French State for the Intercontemporain Ensemble
premiere: June 7th, 1979, France, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou
Intercontemporain Ensemble, Denis RUSSEL DAVIES (conductor)
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