Allain Gaussin
Photographie : © Isabelle de Rouville

« For me, it's about expressing, through words, through music, my vision of the world, to express my intuitions, my sensations and to project my imaginary in a space of incandescent crystal, where the Man is released of all gravity Nevertheless, this interiority does not prevent a state of permanent watchfulness. Here, it is rather about putting one's body in resonance with the forces of the universe and to capture the slightest vibrations of this incredible space. Only Art has this capacity of elevation and I try, as a humble servant, to give it all its greatness. »
      – Lettre d’Allain Gaussin à Michel Passelergue (18 septembre 2004)

Allain Gaussin
ÉCLIPSE by The Izumi Sinfonietta Osaka
Norichika Iimori (conductor).