Editions Leduc
three guitars ou guitars ensemble - medium level - duration : 3’
commissioned by Jean-Louis VICART
premiere : June 1989, France, CRC de Juvisy-sur-Orge (91)


Programme note

This short work is especially meant for young guitarists.

Saint Guilhem le désert can be performed with three soloists, or with a bigger guitars ensemble. The teacher will determine the exact number of guitarists in each part, in order to obtain the best homogeneity of nuance and tone.

First of all, the rhythmical structure must be fixed with great precision. For that, performers will try to memorize the few bar changes.

When this rhythmical phrase is assimilated, the three musicians should be able to offer us a short travel in the imaginary, where everybody could dream as he wished, on the name of this very beautiful village : St Guilhem le désert, that is located in the South of the Massif Central, in the Herault valley, between the Causse du Larzac and the Garrigues