OGIVE - Transcription for flute and piano (1987)

to Dominique MY et Patrice BOCQUILLON - Editions Ricordi (Paris)
flute and piano - duration : 13'30"
commissioned by Dominique MY for the FA Ensemble
premiere : December 6th, 1987, Germany, Bonn
Patrice BOCQUILLON (flute), Dominique MY (piano)


Programme note

This work tries to solve, in a general and very meditative climate, a cultural duality between two musical traditions that are nearly antinomic : the Western one and the Far Eastern one.

The piano, with its harmonic texture and its completely chromatized material, represents the first one. Almost all its part is written in an uninterrupted way in a two intertwine voices counterpoint, sometimes a third and a fourth voices have been added. The proposed notation (with undulated horizontal bars) asks the musician to find his own rhythmical phrasing.

On the contrary, the flute, very linear and modal, a bit inspired by the « Shakuhachi » flute of Zen Buddhist music, evokes the Far Eastern culture. Its main role is to give, in a musical Time much more stretched, another dimension to the musical phrase, this one being the privileged place of tensions and relaxing musically expressed by increasing and decreasing melismatic movements, anacrouses and very elongated endings, a developed accentuation...

Towards the three quarters of the work, and in a progressive way, these two musical worlds will join in a very intense culminating apex to form a unique musical material, like the ogival keystones of Gothic cathedrals.



Suite à la vie où tend chaque être, renversons l’esprit de fuite aux sources de la connaissance.
Saut fragile sur les larges sphères érosives de l’imaginaire.

                        Appel en sève

                        Eclat condensé

Ici les vagues ivres de la mémoire grattent obstinément. Dissidence ouverte sur le champ
vierge auréolé. Luxure du temps où les rênes intimes se livrent.

                      Effort très lent  –  Migration intense

→ Poem Ogive, p. 27 in L'attente... L'absolu, Allain Gaussin, Editions d’écarts, Paris, 2013.

No citations, in part or whole, can't be done without authorization request the éditions d'Ecarts.


Sophie DESHAYES (flute), Vincent LETERME (piano) - 2014, CD Harmonie des Sphères Allain GAUSSIN


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