LE VENT SE LÈVE… (Tombeau de Maurice Ravel) (2014) to Tristan MURAIL -  Editions Leduc
harp, flute, clarinet, string quartet - duration : 14'
commissioned by French State for the Sillages Ensemble
premiere : February 20th, 2014, France, Brest, Quartz
Sillages Ensemble, Renaud DÉJARDIN (conductor)
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L’HARMONIE DES SPHÈRES (2006) to Philippe HUREL and Pierre-André VALADE - Editions Leduc
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion - duration : 12'30"
commissioned by French State for the Court-Circuit Ensemble
premiere : October 5th, 2006, Norway, Oslo, Ultima Festival
Court-Circuit Ensemble, Pierre-André VALADE (conductor)
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MOSAÏQUE CÉLESTE (1997) to Rosalie BONAFEDI GAUSSIN - Editions Leduc
chamber concerto for 11 instruments - duration : 16'
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commissioned by Radio France for the Itinéraire Ensemble
premiere : February 14th, 1997, France, Paris, Festival Présence
Itinéraire Ensemble, Marc FOSTER (conductor)
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CAMAÏEUX (1983) to EIEI musicians - Editions Salabert
electronic ensemble (3 keyboars, electronic guitar), perc
and electronic sounds fixed on CD (4 tracks) - duration : 18' ’
commissioned by Radio France for the Itineraire Ensemble
premiere : May 16th, 1983, France, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou
Itinéraire Ensemble, Alexandre MYRAT (conductor)
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EAU-FORTE (1982) - Editions Leduc
flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano - duration : 4'15"
commissioned by Jean Louis PETIT for the EMVA
premiere : December 12nd, 1982, France, Sceaux
Ensemble de Musique de Ville d'Avray, Jean Louis PETIT (conductor)
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COLOSSEO (1978) to the Percussions de Strasbourg - Editions Salabert
6 percussionists - duration : 20'
premiere: July 1st, 1978, Italie, Rome, Jardin de la Villa Medicis
Allain GAUSSIN (conductor)
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OGIVE (1977)  to Pierre BOUYER - Editions Ricordi (Paris)
12 strings and harpsichord - duration : 24'
commissioned by Itinéraire Ensemble
premiere : April 22nd, 1977, France, Paris, Temple des Billettes
Itineraire Ensemble, Pierre BOUYER (harpsichord), Jacques MERCIER (conductor)
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VENT SOLAIRE (1974) to Robert DELPRAT - Unpublished
solo soprano, narrator, mixed choir (100 mini) brass ( 3 perc and piano - duration : 24'
poem of Allain Gaussin excerpt from L’attente… L’absolu, éditions d’écarts, Paris 2004
premiere : May 21st, 1976, France, Paris, Radio France
Stéphane CAILLAT (conductor) Christine DEFRESSINE (soprano), Pierre ROUSSEAU (narrator)
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