AU-DELÀ DU TEMPS (2018) - Editions Leduc
mezzo and harp - duration: 12'
poem of Allain GAUSSIN, excerpt from L’attente… L’absolu, éditions d’écarts, Paris 2013
commissioned by the Ensemble Sillages and the IMEP of Namur (Belgium)
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LES CÉPHÉIDES (2016) to Marie Françoise and Gaétan PUAUD - Editions Leduc
In memoriam Pierre Boulez
violin, cello and piano - 13'30
commissioned by French State for the Trio Elégiaque with the support of Mica and Francis Salabert Fondation
premiere : July 29th, 2016,France, La Grave, Festival Messiaen au pays de la Meije
Trio Elégiaque : Philippe Aïche (violin), Virginie Constant (cello), François Dumont (piano)
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ENVOL NUPTIAL (2004) to Kaoli OSUGA and Masakasu NATSUDA - Unpublished
piano and violin, or piano and clarinet - duration : 40"
premiere : January 17th, 2004, Japan, Akasaka
Fumiko KAÏ (violin), Kaoli OSUGA (piano)

OGIVE (1992) to Irvine ARDITTI - Editions Salabert
transcription for violin and piano - duration : 13’30’’
commissioned by the Itinéraire Ensemble
premiere : July 19th, 2012 France, La Grave, Festival Messiaen au pays de la Meije
Da-min KIM (violin), Antoine ALERINI (piano)
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L'APHORISME DE CIORAN (1991) - Unpublished
piano and narrator - duration : 4’
text excerpt from Ecrire des aphorismes by Emil CIORAN
commissioned by Jean Louis VICART
premiere : June 13rd, 1992, France, Juvisy sur Orge

OGIVE (1987) to Dominique MY and Patrice BOCQUILLON - Editions Ricordi (Paris)
transcription for flute and piano - duration : 13’30’’
commissioned by Dominique MY for the FA Ensemble
premiere : December 6th, 1987, Germany, Bonn
Patrice BOCQUILLON (flute), Dominique MY (piano)
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CHAKRA (1984) to Harry HALBREICH - Editions Salabert
string quartet - duration : 11’
commissioned by Radio France for the ARDITTI quartet
premiere : March 1985, Paris, Radio France
ARDITTI quartet
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OGIVE (1977) to Manouchka and Serge BOUDIGUES - Editions Ricordi (Paris)
transcription for flute and harpsichord - duration : 13’30’’
commissioned by Pierre BOUYER
premiere : June 18th, 1977, France, church of Ballancourt
Jean Luc MERIGOT (flute), Pierre BOUYER (harpsichord)
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