IO (1991)

to Daniel BARENBOIM - Editions Leduc
piano - medium level - duration : 2’45’’
premiere : June 7th, 1991, France, Caen
Jean DEROYER (piano)


Programme note

In 1989, on the occasion of the departure of Daniel Barenboim from the Orchestre de Paris, the administration asked the soloists and composers to write a message for him on the guestbook. Instead, I decided to compose and dedicate for him this short piano piece.

As part of a composer residency that I conducted in 1991 in Caen, Io was performed for the first time by the young Jean Deroyer, then aged of 12 years. Jean Deroyer is today one of the greatest french orchestra conductor, of international renown.

This short music play requires good qualities of interpretation from the young pianists. It does not contain technical great difficulties.
A rather long musical sentence is played in a supple way, with a rhythm almost rubato, slightly destabilized. It is three times taken back, with at every repetition, more and more high degree of dynamics and a slower and slower tempo.

Io is a small star, satellite of Jupiter, in our solar system. It remains enigmatic because of its red spots, orange and white. You can look at it through a telescope, in the night… while dreaming…