Allain Gaussin
Photographie : © Isabelle de Rouville

« From my first contact with his music, I felt that I was in the presence of a truly artistic nature. In him, an intuitive poetic sense and a taste for researching and trying out the most highly developed techniques of our age go together very well… » – Henri Dutilleux, 1981

« Allain Gaussin has always been passionate about astronomy, as indicated by the title Années-Lumière (Light Years), one of his most elaborate orchestral scores, completed in 1993. An extensive percussion section is added to an orchestra with quadruple winds. The composer’s aim is to set forth, in a single movement, a trajectory of Time and Colours, driven by long processes that render the material progressively more dense, or that reduce it to a few pure timbres. The quality of the textures of the first pages of Danse de l’univers (dance of the universe), superbly rendered by the orchestra, sends the listener to a very troubling ‘electric beyond’. Between exacerbated tension, splintering of the space and brusque tearing (low brass against piccolos), the treatment of the sonic masses in this great vibration of the cosmos brings to mind that of Xenakis. Also spectacular are the ‘ribbon figures’, resembling rocket-like lines that escape from the sonic magma of the 5th and final part of the work, L’univers en expansion (the Universe in expansion). The burning of the space under the resonance of the tam-tams, gongs and other resonant percussion instruments lend a vertical and visionary dimension to the final pages of the score that recall the gesture of maître Messiaen. At the head of a very cooperative orchestra, the argintinian conductor Fabián Panisello manages to create a synergy amongst the orchestra members — upon whom great demands are placed —, galvanising them with his effective and powerful direction. » – Michèle Tosi, ResMusica, 6 décembre 2017 – link

ANNEES-LUMIERE, December 2nd, 2017, Nice Opera, Fabian Panisello and the Philharmonic
Orchestra of Nice, during the rehearsal.