ARIANE (1987)

to Elsa - Editions Heugel
cello or double bass or bass clarinet or ondes Martenot
and electronic sounds on CD - duration : 5’
commissioned by the CRR of Boulogne-Billancourt
premiere : April 30th, 1988, France, Ris Orangis
Virginie JACQUES JEAN (cello)


Programme note

Initially intended for the students of the Conservatories, Ariane is now frequently performed in concert by professional musicians.

The piece was originally written for solo cello with an electroacoustic accompaniment on CD. Today, performers of other instruments have taken up the score. Indeed, it can be played on double bass, bass clarinet or Ondes Martenot.

The main idea for the piece is based upon a slow melodic phrase ascending towards the high register, with its tensions, points of emphasis and releases. The harmonic maintaining was composed with a long, uninterrupted stream of electronic sounds, which evolves into a large crescendo, and a very slow ascension towards the stars…



Technical note

For the electronic sounds of the CD, plan the following equipment :

- 1 CD player (with display of the timing)
- 1 stereo amplifier
- 2 speakers on each side of the stage.

In the case of 4 speakers, arrange them around the audience, by respecting the output (left /right) of the electronic sounds.

It's necessary to amplify the cello with a microphone and a small mixing desk.

The musician-assistant
He controls the CD sound output level as well as the cello, ensuring the perfect balance of the whole (audio /cello) and the dynamics progression compared to the score.

The cellist
He has a digital chronometer placed next to his score, so as to be always synchronized with the electronic sounds of the CD.

Departures/ stops of the CD
It can be activated either by the musician-assistant, or by the cellist with a Midi pedal. But if there is an environment with computer, all the settings (chronometer, departure / stops of the CD, the nuances, the equalizers, etc.) can be preprogrammed.

For any further information, send an email.


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